Top 10 Things to do on a Rainy Day on the Isle of Wight

Rainy Days on the Isle of Wight

What would a UK staycation be without a little bit of rain here and there?

Although we all love a bit of feel good sunshine on our staycations, if I'm honest, I don't mind a rainy day on the Isle of Wight either.

So the weather report says it's going to rain.  Don't panic.

First up, they are not always right.

Secondly, there are lots of fun things to do on the Isle of Wight on wet weather days.


Here are our Top Ten things to do on the Isle of Wight on a Rainy Day.


1. Visit some animals.  They miss you when it rains.  Amazon World is a great place to visit, whatever the weather.  Quite a lot of the animals are inside too.


2. Crazy Golf.  Yes I know it's outside, but Rylstone Gardens in Shanklin has a fair weather policy.  If it rains during your game of golf, you can come back another day and try again.  So if you're not sure if it's going to rain, take the chance.  Red Squirrels and cakes are a bonus.


3. Visit a Museum.  Let's learn something about the island whilst we holiday.  If you are staying at The Corner House, why not visit Ventnor Heritage Centre nearby.  It is free to visit and it's fascinating to learn about the Victorian era, train lines, the old pier and many shops in the local town.  There is an Isle of Wight Museum in Newport giving plenty of history on the island as a whole.


4. Shopping - There's nothing like a bit of retail therapy when it's raining!  Ventnor town has plenty of quirky and independently owned shops (in fact they even have one called Quirkies).  Ryde provides you with unique shops mixed with your traditional sea side town.  Try Oasis in Brading for something different - added bonus of a lovely cafe too.


5. The Bus and Coach Museum in Ryde.  Set within the old bus station in Ryde, there's plenty to see and learn about buses and it's all undercover.  A small shop, cafe, and if you're lucky you might go on a day when they are running their vintage buses into Ryde town centre.


6. Arreton Barns.  Crafts, glass blowing, Shipwreck and Heritage Museum and even a pub to stay dry in.


7. Roman Villas.  Love a bit of history, then head to Brading Roman Villa on a rainy day.  There's also a Roman villa in Newport too, set right amongst residential houses - who knew?!


8. The Isle of Wight Steam Railway.  Travel in style in a railway carriage, steamed up windows, watching the rain drops form as you speed along.  Therapeutic.


9. Dinosaur Isle.  Learn everything there is to know about dinosaurs. Then  stick your waterproofs on and go for a fossil walk along Yaverland Beach.


10. Go for a Walk.  We are waterproof after all!  As long as you have the right clothes on, a walk on the beach or a walk in a forest can be so much fun on a rainy day.  Grab your wellies, grab a friend or 2 and hit the beach.


We hope you have seen something here you might fancy on a rainy day.  If you have any other ideas, let us know.

It goes without saying, should you try any of these days out, find you get a little bit wet, it's perfectly acceptable to demand a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows afterwards.

Good luck and remember, puddle jumping is not just for 3 year olds you know!

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