Top 10 things to do on the Isle of Wight. Aged 7 Years!

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Top Ten Places to visit on the Isle of Wight. Aged 7 years.


Inspired by her school friends visiting the Isle of Wight this summer, Daisy decided to write a list of her Top 10 Places to visit on the island.


The Isle of Wight is well known as a family friendly holiday destination, but where should you start?

Who better to ask than the 7 year old, all round expert on all things fun on the Isle of Wight.


In no particular order…….


    1. West Wight Llamas and Alpacas.



A small farm on West Wight with the emphasis on all things alpaca.

Last summer we walked an alpaca, an experience both of us have down as one of our best days out.  If you fancy this, make sure you ring to book.

Remember to leave room for lunch.  Daisy describes the Pizza as "the best on the island", and she should know, she has tried a few!


    1. Robin Hill.



We have a season pass, so we spend a lot of time at Robin Hill.

Forget screen time, this is outdoor, climbing and bouncing time!

As a one off, it isn't the cheapest day out, but you can combine your ticket with Blackgang Chine and both are valid for 7 days.

Make sure you check out their social media pages for special events.


    1. The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary.



A firm favourite with everyone, young and old.

We adopted a donkey called Daisy.  We pop in and count donkeys on a regular basis.  Any friends who visit, they are taken to the donkey sanctuary to count donkeys and meet Daisy.

3 years on, we are still counting and checking off the list.

The sanctuary is free to enter, although I would point out, the sanctuary relies on donations to look after the animals.


    1. Welly Wednesday at Briddlesford Farm



If you are visiting during the school holidays, Welly Wednesday is a must.  Stick on your wellies and go and find out about everything dairy.

Briddlesford Farm and the Bluebell Café are worth a visit even if you are not around for a Welly Wednesday.  Its not just us that rave about it - ask James Martin!


    1. Tapnell Farm



Full on kid fun and even the potential to sit down with a coffee and have 5 minutes peace yourself!

Bouncy pillows, go karts and feeding the wallabies are the current favourites.

If you're here during the summer - catch a Summer Shindig evening.

The Cow restaurant in a converted barn next door is the place to head if you love a good burger.


    1. Quarr Abbey



Not your typical 7 years old's choice of days out, but an Abbey has made the list.

Set in a tranquil relaxed setting, enjoy some 'peaceful time' with the kids.

Daisy is fascinated with the lives of the monks and loves the fact they sell vegetables grown in their own gardens. Apart from serving one of our favourite afternoon teas ever, the highlight for us is feeding the pigs.  On our last visit, there were piglets - cute factor overload.

We often visit Quarr Abbey on our way to the mainland as it's 5 minutes from Fishbourne Ferry Terminal (one last scone for the road?)


    1. Osborne House



There is nothing better than playing at royalty for the day when you are a wannabe Princess!

Queen Victoria's 9 children played here happily for many years, so its no wonder kids nowadays love it too.  With your own beach, spectacular gardens and the biggest ice creams ever - what's not to love!

Definitely a must if you have an English Heritage card.


    1. A Carnival or festival



It's not often there isn't some kind of festival or carnival going on, especially in the summer.

If you are visiting during the main carnival season - make sure you join in the fun at one of the many towns carnivals.  Ventnor and Ryde are 2 of our favourites.

There aren't many things this island can't festival about - The Garlic Festival, Ventnor Fringe festival,  Rythmtree Festival and of course the legendary Isle of Wight Festival.


    1. My Beach.



This is Ventnor Beach. Daisy loves a beach. Despite visiting many a beach on the Isle of Wight, she always seems to gravitate back to Ventnor Beach.

Sand and Shingle. Blakes beach Huts.  Spyglass Inn.  Last but not least, the Island shaped paddling pool.


    1. Crave Ice Cream.



I said places to visit, not food and eateries (that's a whole different blog!).

"Mummy, Crave is an experience, not just food.  I could happily spend the whole day there.  It cannot be left off of the list"


So there you have it, your Top Ten Guide to the Isle of Wight by Daisy aged 7 and ¾