The Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum

IOW Shipwreck Centre

Come on Dive in…..

It's been a couple of years since we last visited The Shipwreck Centre & Maritime Museum at Arreton Barns.

Little Miss Wight Place was keen to go back as her school projects have developed somewhat in that time and  history seems to be a firm favourite.

The Education Room

A new arrival since our last visit to the Shipwreck Museum is the Education Room.

Bringing the museum up to the modern day, it displays current diving equipment and shows a video following the work carried out by the Maritime Archaeology Trust.

It wasn't long before Daisy was in character and trying on the diving equipment.  It's amazing what a diver needs to carry with them when they are working.  Not sure my 7 year old (despite loving swimming and being pretty athletic) fancied jumping into the sea with that lot on.




IOW Shipwreck Centre

The Museum

After playing divers, we entered the museum.  One of the first things you come across is a room showing a DVD of Martin Woodward, the owner of the collection.  He guides you through the amazing collection of artefacts held at the museum.  It's a good place to start.

This leads you into the main gallery.

We love a quiz here at The Wight Place, so we were quick to grab one of those and solve the clues as we walked around.

The history within these 4 walls is unbelievable.

Reading the stories from World War 1 and marvelling at the pieces that have been restored and displayed within the museum is quite humbling.

We were quite taken aback about how many shipwrecks are actually hidden beneath our seas!


There are more dress up opportunities, colouring and other activities for the kids.  There is also a lot to see and learn for us adults too.

Anyone with a love of history, especially maritime history, is going to love the Shipwreck Museum.  It really can open your eyes to the amazing heritage held beneath our seas.



Top Tips

Dress up as a pirate - well, why not.

Ask for a quiz or children's trail (yes, adults are allowed too!)

Check the Shipwreck Centre's Facebook page for events.  There are lots of activities of kids, behind the scene days and evening talks going on.

Buy some duck food on the way out - everyone loves to feed the ducks.

Take a cardie - it's quite chilly in there!